Meet the team

Dr Phedra Dodds
JETS Workforce clinical lead

Phedra has been chair of the Welsh Endoscopy Nurse Training faculty since 2015 and has focused on quality improvement as part of the national endoscopy team where she was lead nurse from 2002-2015. Phedra is responsible for providing leadership and direction for JETS Workforce and leads on the implementation of competency framework and training packages.

Jessica Butler
JAG programme manager

Jessica is responsible for project managing various programmes within the JAG training team. Her role is to have oversight of the JETS Workforce programme. She previously worked in the audit programme in the Royal College of Physicians.   

Sarah Campbell
JAG senior project coordinator

Sarah is the senior project coordinator for JAG. Her role involves projects on the JETS, BCSA and JETS Workforce programmes.
In her current role, she is responsible for the launches of new pathways on the JETS website, as well as improvement projects in her workstreams, including web development work. 
She previously worked as the project coordinator for JETS and BCSA. 

Rachel Nelson
JETS Workforce coordinator

Rachel is the coordinator for JETS Workforce. She is responsible for
coordinating all aspects of the JETS Workforce programme, including
running and improving our courses, communications, liaising with regional academies and ensuring our faculty are up to date and actively involved
so you will be hearing from her on a regular basis. Prior to joining the team,
Rachel worked for the JAG assessments team.

Alex Seth
Accreditation unit administrator

Alex is an administrator for the JAG training team. He is responsible for supporting the endoscopy workforce through the JETS Workforce programme. He also oversees the accreditation of individual endoscopists on JETS and NED and administers meetings and training days, whilst providing support to wider projects. 

Hena Sharif
Accreditation unit administrator

Hena is an administrator for JAG who focuses on supporting projects for the data and training team and providing admin support for JETS, JETS Workforce, and the National Endoscopy Database (NED). Prior to joining the  team, Hena worked for the liver accreditation programme and the cross-unit team.
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