Become ENDO1 faculty

ENDO1 faculty training pathway

To run the ENDO1 training course, the JETS Workforce programme require faculty to teach the course. The training pathway to becoming an ENDO1 faculty member is outlined below:

Train the ENDO1 Faculty Trainer

As outlined above, anyone who wishes to become faculty will need to attend a Train the ENDO1 Faculty Trainer session, run by the JETS Workforce team. The session is an all day virtual session and takes place a few times a year, depending on the demand for the course. Dates are advertised via our newsletter and website. For those who wish to become teaching faculty they will need to demonstrate the following skills:

The full role description can be viewed here. Please ensure you are meet the requirements and are able to commit to running ENDO1 courses for the JETS Workforce programme. All expressions of interest are subject to approval by the JETS Workforce clinical lead, Dr Phedra Dodds

Expressing interest

If you feel you meet the criteria to become faculty for ENDO1, please email us to express your interest. We will make note of your details and contact you to complete an application form, once we have set a date for the next Train the ENDO1 Faculty Trainer session. 

Guidance for endoscopy academies  

If you would like to put forward individuals in your academy to train as ENDO1 faculty, please ensure they satisfy the requirements outlined above. Training faculty must continue to run ENDO1 courses for the JETS Workforce team virtually and cannot train just to run the course locally. 

Running courses locally 
ENDO1 faculty cannot run courses locally until they have completed the training pathway outlined above and continue to deliver two virtual ENDO1 courses per year for the JETS Workforce team.

Before allocating faculty to any courses, please ensure they have completed the training pathway. 

The JETS Workforce team review the ENDO1 faculty members on a yearly basis and any inactive faculty will be removed if they have  not facilitated the minimum number of courses, and will no longer be able to deliver courses locally.

The JETS Workforce team are unable to share the names and details of recruited faculty. If you have any questions, email us at 

Cancellation policy

If you are booked onto the faculty training session and fail to show without explanation, you will be provided with one additional opportunity to attend a future course. If you do not attend on the second instance you will not be able to attend future dates. 

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