Our competencies

There are three levels of competencies and each have a list of sub competencies which need to be evidenced. 

  • Level one has to be completed, before you begin level two.
  • Level two is not open for completion, until level one is completed.
  • Level three can be completed, without doing level one or two. 

Changes to competency framework

From Thursday 27 April 2023 the JETS Workforce team implemented changes to the competency framework. We have streamlined the requirements of the competencies as well as the processes. The changes have been made to all levels of the programme, including the evidence requirements. These changes have been made following feedback we’ve received from users on the framework.

Most of the changes have been made to the level one foundation of the competencies, with some changes also being made to level two and three. 

Please review our guidance document which provides a full overview of these changes and how they impact you. 

JETS Workforce competencies - version 2 - this is the latest version of the competency framework, launched on 27 April 2023. Any user that newly logs into the JETS Workforce website will have access to this framework.

JETS Workforce competencies - version 1 - this is the original version of the competency framework. If you are currently using this framework, you will have until 29 April 2024 to complete the competencies. After this date they will be archived and no longer accessible for users. All users will be moved to version 2 of the competencies from 29 April 2024.

If you have any questions about the competency framework, please email us at askjag@rcp.ac.uk

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