Each level of the JETS Workforce training programme has three elements to it, this includes a range of eLearning modules. JETS Workforce eLearning content has been developed in collaboration with the HEE eLearning for health team. You can find the list of available modules on the e-learning for health endoscopy page.  

Accessing e-learning

How you access these modules varies based on the type of services you work for and which country:

Services in the United Kingdom:

NHS services (or equivalent)

Access to all endoscopy eLearning content is free of charge. Visit their website to set up your account.

Private services

You will be able to access eLearning for health through OpenAthens or eIntegrity for a small fee. However, this may be available free of charge for private providers that do NHS work. 

If you have any difficulties in obtaining an account, please contact eLearning for health directly and they can provide you with further guidance. Alternatively if you are having difficulty accessing or creating an OpenAthens account, contact them directly.

Further guidance on registering to start the modules can be found in our Getting started with e-learning guide.


Services in the Republic of Ireland:

For more information, read the HSE JETS Workforce e-learning document.

Public services

The Health Service Executive in the Republic of Ireland (HSE) is funding the access to the eLearning modules for public sector hospitals. Public sector services can access the modules for free. To get access to the modules please email Dorothy Murray for your promotional code.

Private services

You will be able to access the eLearning modules via the eIntegrity website for a small fee. Access to the modules will be available for 12 months. Please note the JETS Workforce team do not manage any of the above platforms.


If you experience any issues getting access to the eLearning modules, please contact the individual organisation for support.

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