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First step is to set up an account on the site. If you are a JAG registered services, you are able to access the JETS Workforce website. If you have previously used GIN or currently use the JETS endoscopy website, you can use the same login details to access JETS Workforce. If you are unable to locate your account details, contact the JETS Workforce team and we can retrieve your details. 

Setting up roles

The JETS Workforce platform cannot be used without the input of your whole service, particularly when it comes to completing the competency framework. On the JETS Workforce website, there are four roles that must be set up for each service:

Key points to note:

  • If there is no unit manager set up for your site contact the JETS Workforce team and we can allocate this role. Once a unit manager has this access they can assign other unit managers, along with assessors and supervisors.
  • Endoscopy staff members who are going through the competency framework should only have staff member access. 
  • Supervisor and assessors will need additional levels of access, however, they should still have staff member access.
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