ENDO1 training course

The ENDO1 course is designed for endoscopy workforce staff that want to improve their skills in assisting endoscopic procedures.

The interactive course covers the theoretical basis of assisting endoscopic procedures and caring for patients undergoing endoscopy. 

The course focuses on the development of endoscopic assisting skills, discussion of clinical cases and reflection of knowledge gained from the JETS Workforce eLearning modules.

Both new and experienced members of the endoscopy workforce will find this course beneficial and is mandatory for those wishing to complete level one of the JETS Workforce programme.

Course content

This course covers 8 sections which compliments the level one eLearning modules and competencies.


ENDO1 course format

This 2.5 hour course can either be run virtually by the JETS Workforce programme or in a face-to-face format at your local organisation. Both are taught by two active ENDO1 faculty.

How can I book onto it?

Please visit our homepage to find the latest course offerings, dates and availability. The course is run six times a month, on different days and in the morning and the afternoon.

Booking on individually 

Delegates can book onto the course individually, by making payment via PayPal or using their debit/credit card. The course cost per delegate is outlined below:

  • NHS - £20
  • Public sector Republic of Ireland - £20
  • Private sector hospitals (UK/Republic of Ireland) - £30

Paying via invoice

In some instances services may wish to pay for their staff to attend an ENDO1 course. To make payment please raise a purchase order number (PO) and email it to AskJAG@rcp.ac.uk. All purchase orders must be for a minimum of 4 delegates. Purchase orders for less than 4 delegates cannot be processed.

Course cancellation policy 

If you are unable to attend an ENDO1 course, each delegate is provided with at least one opportunity to transfer to another course. If you do not attend the second course, you will be required to pay the course fee again. Please ensure you contact the JETS Workforce team at AskJAG@rcp.ac.uk if you cannot attend a course.

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