JETS Workforce blogs

The JETS Workforce team have produced the below blogs to share the knowledge and experience of our staff. We aim to both promote and celebrate the positive strides that the workforce are making in endoscopy services across the country.

International Nurse's Day

To celebrate International Nurses Day, JETS Workforce interviewed our very own Alison Ball. Alison contributes to the constant improvement of the JETS Workforce programme as a faculty member by presenting at ENDO1 courses throughout the year. She also teaches the ENDO3 course.

Celebrating 75 years of the NHS: Past, Present and the Future

An Interview with Catherine Bilbrough, Matron and BSG Nursing Association Committee Member, on the significance of the milestone celebrating 75 years of the NHS.


Celebrating World Patient Safety Day: Enhancing Healthcare by Empowering the Workforce

World Patient Safety Day is a day to reflect on the importance of patient safety and to celebrate the efforts of healthcare professionals who work tirelessly to ensure the well-being of their patients. In honour of this occasion, we had the privilege of speaking with Loraine Mahachi, Head of Clinical Services-Quality & Governance, with over two decades of experience, particularly in endoscopy services. 


Bridging gaps in endoscopy nursing

In celebration of the JETS Workforce programme's 5 year anniversary, we spoke with Erika Holford on her journey in education and workforce development within the field of endoscopy nursing.

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