Guidance documents

JAG/BSG position statement on delivery of ENDO1 and ENDO3 

Please read our position statement on why it is so crucial to release staff to teach ENDO1 and ENDO3 courses.

User guides

When allocating who in your team has what user account, please use the below guides for further information on what each role's responsibilities are.

Staff member user guide
Guidance for the endoscopy workforce giving full details of the JETS Workforce programme.

Supervisor and assessor user guide

Guidance for those in supervisor and assessor roles to support the endoscopy workforce going through the JETS Workforce programme.

Unit manager user guide

Guidance for unit managers to support them in setting up their service and staff to the JETS Workforce programme.

Evidence guides

Below are a list of evidence examples which you can use as a guide when completing your competencies.

Reflective account - Consent

Reflective account - COVID impact

Reflective account - GI bleed

Reflective account - Withdrawal of consent

Witness statement - Feedback from supervisor

Witness statement - JAG audit

Witness statement - Thank you card

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